5 books transforming kids

Here at the Resilient Kid – we love reading in fact we can’t get enough books – let us introduce you to some of our favourites at the moment.

Timothy and the Triplets Three
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Why do we love this book?

It looks at bullying from all angles, what’s going on for the victim, the bully and even the teachers! The best bit it’s hilariously funny and there is a great ending. Think David Walliams but funnier! Fantastic for any primary aged children but absolutely perfect for those going up to high school.

What parents say “This is laugh out loud at any age, great to read with the kids and gives you a real insight to bullying in a lighthearted way – 5” What the kids say “I really loved the characters and all the fart jokes, am I allowed to say that? – 5” I think you just did!

You can get the book on Amazon using this link here.

The Body Hoax: Stop Believing in Fantasy Bodies – we recommend two books by Emi Howe.
Why do we love this book?

This one is for anyone who is struggling with obtaining that fantasy body (spoiler alert it doesn’t exist) and anyone raising children. It is a great practical and thought provoking look at how we unconsciously allow outside forces to influence how we see our own bodies.

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What parents say “This was so thought provoking, I read it with my teenage daughter in mind but feel like I got a lot of out it for myself “

What the kids say “When you scroll through Instagram, or watch adverts on TV, you don’t realise what effect they have on you, this book really made me think”

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Don’t Go knocking at the Circus Door

Is a fun interactive book about going for your dreams even if you don’t think you look the part. Emi has written this for a younger audience, illustrations are beautiful too.

What parents say “This is a perfect bedtime story, leaves them and you with a warm and fuzzy feeling before bed – such a positive message”

What the kids say “I love it when we read it in tune to the circus song”

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You Are a Champion: How to Be the Best You Can Be

Why do we love this book?

We bought this for our 11 year old on his last day of primary and he just loved it. Not a huge football fan but as a therapist I loved, loved, loved the message:
It shows kids how to:

✅Be comfortable with who you are – you can’t be a champion until you’re happy being you!
✅Dream big
✅Practice like a champion
✅Get out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes
✅Navigate adversity in a positive way
✅Find your team (not just the football team)
✅Use your voice and stand up for others
✅Never stop learning

What parents say “This is more than another footballer book, it’s a great resource for kids”

What the kids say “It made me think I could do anything!”

I would love to have Marcus on my podcast, maybe one day but for now you can buy a copy here

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse: Charlie Mackesy

Why do we love this book?

If you look at my amazon account and see how many times I have bought this, we are onto double figures! I often buy this for my students. It doesn’t matter the age, it is a message for everyone. The illustrations are beautiful but such heartwarming quotes and affirmations.

Someone has said “A book of hope in uncertain times” Kids everywhere are often uncertain and this for me is like a map to that hope. Enjoy

What parents say “This is a beautiful book, one that i could read over and over with the kids and never tire of (which is a rarity!)”

What the kids say “I always read this when I feel sad and it helps me feel much better”
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