6 Top Tips From The Nutrition & Exercise week

This week’s theme has been Nutrition & Exercise.

On Monday Gareth posted a Martial Arts training session. We know one of the most obvious benefits of Martial Arts for kids is that it includes a physical activity component. Not only will your child move around a lot, but they’ll also build on their strength and flexibility. We will continue to look at the benefits of Martial Arts over the coming weeks.

On Thursday we had an interview with Virginia Hills Nutritionist. You can watch the interview here and share your input.

  • Top Tips on Nutrition & Exercise
  • Fresh & frozen Vegetables are created equal. Frozen spinach is great to throw in dishes.
  • Keep the fruit bowl at child height so they can help themselves.
  • Different colours help the body in different ways e.g. Purple veg helps us learn.
The Resilient Kid Interview with Virginia

Friday is move it Friday!  

Tina has put together some fun movement activities for children of all ages to try.   Also, watch her video on Bumblebee Breath.  

Movement and yoga helps develop strength and flexibility, increases body awareness, playfulness, creativity & imagination.  Bumblebee Breath helps reduce anxiety, increases energy, and helps the body to feel calm and relaxed.   Have fun practicing.  

Top Tips

Nutrition for the adults this time and how we can ge more out of the foods we eat, see the video for full details.

  • Frozen veg locks in the vitamins
  • Ginger & Garlic great inflammatory
  • Cruciferous vegetables are great for balancing out hormones.

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