About Me



My name is Ashley Costello, I have been a  Psychotherapist for over 20 years. Specialising in children and adolescents mental health.

Also, l have been the C.E.O. of Mini Me Yoga, a wellbeing programme that has ambassadors, in 36 countries and implemented MMY in hundreds of schools.

Lately, I delivered a TEDx talk on the topic of “Is Education broken?” The Resilient Kid is a direct result of that talk and hopes to fill a gap for parents, teachers, heads, educationalists and everyone who feels as passionate as I do.

So, to those who have watched the talk and responded with the cry “more”, these tools, talks and workshops are for you – thank you for your continued support and sharing of ideas. If you have not watched, you can watch it here

Remembering Our Resilience…

When you mention resilience to people, many of them associate it with hardship. They think it stems from adversity and challenge. None of this is wrong of course, but we like to think of resilience as a muscle. Some of that resilient strength is formed out of necessity during challenging times.

But you can build that muscle in advance too. When you know yourself well, you know what you’re truly capable of. You wouldn’t sail around the world without any preparation. You’d look at the successes and failures before us, and equip yourself accordingly.

You’d know that the combination of the right mindset and the correct tools will enhance your odds.

Children Childhood Super Hero Concept
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Ironically, people don’t take that approach in our day to day lives. We’re thrown brand new curveballs every single day, and we’re all expected to sail through them.

Resilient Kids is all about preparing you and your children for what’s ahead. It’s about knowing you’ll be challenged but that having a few tools and techniques to use when you need them is what you need to succeed. 

Teaching resilience in such a way that before long, what once was a problem might not even be noticed.


“To remind you that, amidst the challenges we all face, we are all walking solutions. It’s just that sometimes we have a few blind spots here and there.”

Children and adolescents need to be seen, heard and supported.

In a world where the pace is speeding up, more and more people are being left behind. We need to equip our children with their own superpower – Resilience!Resilient Kids was created from knowing education is broken. But more than that, we knew the ‘reactive’ gesture of putting a band-aid on a deep-rooted issue isn’t going to help our children proactively prepare for what the world will throw at them.

The latest NHS report states that