The BOOST Programme

Being so passionate about Children’s mental health we couldn’t sit around any longer, we decided we needed to do something! So we pooled our skills and came up with a programme that will BOOST (see what we did there!) children’s wellbeing.

The programme will be digital and accessible to all, it begins with Preschoolers but have already started work on Primary aged kids and beyond. We want to give this programme away to as many children as possible. All the money you give enables us to do that.

We have already paid for the platform and tech ourselves, our time and expertise has been given for free. This fund is to go directly to children who need this free of charge, for us it is a way of giving back we hope you will think so too with your support we can reach hundreds of kids.

What Is Boost?

The programme is aimed at nursery aged children, giving them skills which they will be able to use throughout their lives.

It aims to help them to develop their confidence, friendship skills, emotional management and overall resilience skills.

Would you like to support us?

The programme is fun and engaging, and suitable for both nurseries and for use in the home environment. We are now raising funds to help us launch our new programme, enabling us to do what we are passionate about, and help children to flourish.