Listening to the kids

This week’s theme has been Listening with the Kids

Apologies our newsletter is a bit late! Last week Ashley spoke about how we listen to our kids and do we take the time to really hear what they say. As life starts to open up once again and gets busier, Ashley had some great advice to share and help us to carve out that time.

Ashley spoke about the attention and power buckets and the affect it has on kids’ behaviour . All about power struggles over devices or maybe they are playing up to get attention. Check out the videos below and also look out for the magic When and Then sentence – game changer!

Golden 10 Minutes
Ashley gave us the tip of the golden 10 minutes to help fill our kids’ attention bucket with lots of positive attention. It’s easy to fit it in and boost your child’s confidence. Having 1:1 attention with you helps them feel secure and try new things.


Advanced warning of “Golden time” – pick a time that suits you, the last thing you want to do is cancel.

Give them the choice of what to do, to take the reins really helps boost responsibility and confidence.

Spend 10 minutes with each child individually each day.

Have Fun – Oxytocin builds bonds and is our happiness hormone. Laugher is a medical marvel for mental health!

Some ideas on the following pages – print, cut out and pop in a jar or tin, then choose

Set a timer, then you don’t look like the bad guy when time is up.
Anything goes, they make the rules, so if they choose a pillow fight, go with it.

Use the golden time ideas sheet to print out and add your families ideas to the golden time jar.

Listen out for some exciting news

Ashley, Gareth and Tina have been working hard behind the scenes creating lots of new adventures. We will be sharing one of these with you soon!