My Services

Family check in

This is a free 20 minute check in with a specific issue. Get to pick Ashley’s brain and experience with a challenge you are having with you child. E.g. “I can’t get my child off the IPad” Or “My child is struggling to sleep”
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Family fun

Family Resilience and Wellbeing Session

This is a 60-minute session to speak to Ashley about your family challenges. She will send you some questions ahead of time, to make the most of your session. The aim is to have practical takeaways to use straight away. E.g. “My kids are always arguing” “I don’t feel that my child is resilient enough for school”

Resilience in Primary Children 1:1 Online Workshop

This is an online workshop that Ashley delivers online with your child specifically in mind. She will send questions ahead of time, so as you go through the workshop, the tools and strategies are bespoke to your family.

Family Lying On Bed And Chatting Together


My passion has been what’s fuelled my career of over twenty years in psychotherapy and neuroscience.

It’s also what provoked me to launch Resilient Kids as I wanted to make the tools and knowledge she’s learned over the years accessible to as many people as possible.

Understanding how the brain works is a core piece in learning how to cope with life’s challenges. These workshops are designed to explain all of this in a practical way that parents can learn and implement straight away.


I take the burden of travelling to attend training off your shoulder by coming to you for staff training


I can hold a Resilience Workshop within your company and deliver the talk