Returning To School - Unlimited Downloads For Schools

This workbook covers activities such as identifying our emotions, what have we missed about School, Family and Friends what are we enjoying about the lockdown. It even has a section (only if needed) about losing someone during COVID-19.



In this Back to School Workbook you have unlimited licence to print for all the pupils in your school

1) Coronavirus – What it is?, How do you feel about it? What we can do to help ourselves.
2) Lockdown – Activities based on processing lockdown?
3) Family & Connections – What does my family look like?, Who was I with during lockdown?, , Who are the people who help me feel safe?
4) School – during lockdown How is it different?, Who did I miss?, especially for Key Worker Children
5) Home Learning – How was it different, how did I feel being at home, looking forward to a return to school
6) Resilience Toolbox – Practical emotional management techniques
7) Grief & Loss – If someone you know has died during lockdown

I have had it tested by the harshest critics – KIDS. This is what they had to say – “it’s really good! High praise indeed!

This is what parents had to say –

“It was really useful in starting important conversations about feelings and remembering how long we’ve actually been in lockdown for! I found he didn’t want to admit that he might have been scared or worried about it. He’s also realised how much he is missing school! The toolbox will definitely help!”