Thank you & Update

we can’t tell you how grateful to everyone that has donated to the GoFundMe page for the Resilient Kid programme. We have enough money in the pot to fund over 130 kids for free, so they will be able to access the Boost programme.

Who are we?

The Resilient Kid is run by Ashley Costello, a psychotherapist who specialises in children and adolescents. She has been joined by Tina Say who is an expert in children’s holistic wellbeing and Gareth Kros who runs an international children’s martial arts business.

The Funding

After the difficulty for children over the last year, they came together and wanted to help the kids struggling with their physical and mental health so came up with a digital programme that can be accessed by children all over the world.

Donations will go towards funding the programme for children or settings that are in need, whether that is here in the UK or in Africa, both Ashley and Gareth have links there.

The Programme

The programme will cover all the early years’ subjects such as personal, social, emotional development, friendships, communication, etc. through fun and interactive characters and teachers, there are plans for CPD Teachers Vault and a Parents corner.
Filming was completed and the editing began. We are so excited and can’t wait to get it finished for everyone involved.


So what we wanted to do didn’t work! Did we give up – hell no! Call it resilience, call it what you want but we are determined to get it out there. We looked around for a new platform, took advice, and made the leap. We are hoping to launch within the next month. We wanted to keep you in the loop about what is happening with your money.

Thank you for all your continued support

T: 07482787818

If you haven’t donated yet but want to you can do that here.