Weekly Round up – Having fun!

This week’s theme has been to have FUN with the Kids.

We hope you had some fun with the kids, this week we saw Tina introduce us to the Yoga slide, great to try out with the kids! We saw animals made out of Toast and Fruit and some great indoor activities to keep them occupied.

Ashley spoke about the times we are not the “fun” parent. Often its easy to get caught up in the day to day routine that we forget to have fun

Top tips

Keep it simple – read to the kids or get them to read to you
Get out in Nature – Play games like hopscotch or pooh sticks if you’re near water or just got for a walk
Play Games – cards – snap, rummi, find the lady, board games – cludeo, dobble etc.

Fun with Family Photos

Sarah gave lots of tips on how to have fun while taking photos of the kids
Try side profiles, as kids grow their profile will stay the same
Try the black and white filter on your phone, make great photos.
Get the whole family involved – grandparents too!

To see all the other tips and a very special offer watch the interview.

Having Fun with a capital F.

Interview with Olaf
Fun with kids
Ashley was fan girling when she interviewed Olaf. He was such a nice guy. His top tips to get the kids drawing
  1. Have drawing stuff about the house, so it’s easily accessible.
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect, keep going.
  3. Draw with the kids, just have fun!