Weekly Round up – Helping children feel safe

This week’s theme has been to help children feel safe.

Gareth posted a video all about keeping safe while out and about.
Be aware of your surroundings – tune into your senses, what can you hear/see? If there is something that is making you uncomfortable – listen to that instinct.
Posture – Shoulders back, head up look confident even if you don’t feel it. You are less like to attract negative attention.

Role play – act out “What would you do if you were in danger?” It really helps muscle memory.

Ashley spoke about Fight, flight, fear, and fawn and how that can be triggered in kids –
Embarrassment – what might seem funny to us can see children hitting out.
Hangry – Watch out for those insulin drops!
Temperature – too hot or too cold can leave kids in a fight or flight feeling
Fear of the unknown – changes to routine leave kids feeling anxious.

Best apps

Safety apps
The Resilient Kid

Kite string

Feature – super easy to use and app checks up on you when you should be home.


Feature – allows you to stay in touch with contacts while walking home.

Hollie Guard

Feature – Has a “stealth alert”, for situations where you don’t want any attention to be raised!

Silent Beacon

Feature – free and sends your GPS location in real-time.


Feature – Activate the SOS button by touch or voice, and your key contacts will get a sound alarm with your location.

Next week’s theme – FUN!

Most of us are on a break from the school routine, so let’s have some fun!
On Monday Ashley spoke to Sarah Brookes – A family photographer about how to have fun taking photos with the kids.

King of Fun, joins Ashley

Great interview with comic genius and Author Olaf as he talks about how to get kids to draw and write for fun.