What kind of cases does Ashley see on a weekly basis?

Small school kids with aprons standing at the desk in class, talking

Self harm: 

Take the teen that is hiding themselves away in their room, they are self-harming and hardly involved in the family. Now this is a scenario, which no parent should have to deal with, however life happens. I will hold that safe space for the young person to talk about how they’re feeling and why they turned to self-harm.

I will also teach you and them on how to keep safe, without judgement. As well as working with them to develop other coping mechanisms, I will also guide you through what might help and support them through this time. As much as we want to think our kids can talk to us, there are just some things they don’t want to talk to us about. Having that safe and trusted stranger means you are supporting them with judgement and embarrassment taken out of the equation.


The pre-teen who is having their boundaries pushed by friends. What seems like low level arguments begins to erode their confidence in social situations. They feel undermined and not listened to by teachers. Having someone outside of school or family that they can not only work through the friendship issues, but also learn tools and strategies to build their confidence in all situations.


Children have worries and anxieties, just like us adults. While different things affect children/teens at different stages in their life, occasionally they might struggle. It could be over exams, transitions or change in living arrangements. Anxiety can show itself in a variety of ways –

  • Irritable, clingy or tearful behaviour
  • Difficulty sleeping or waking in the night
  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of concentration
  • Loss of appetite

Avoiding everyday activities, like socialising or going to school

When these signs of anxiety don’t subside, then having a professional to give you support helps both you and your child.

I offer therapy in single sessions and a package, no matter what support you and your child need I am here to support you.

3 Month Child Therapy Package

Child Therapy Sessions

Just know that you don’t have to do this alone any more! – The video below explains how it works;