Why are parents so afraid to ask for help?

There is no shame in asking for help, despite the pictures of freshly baked cookies on Instagram there no such thing as a perfect parent. We all (yes even us so called experts) need guidance and support. So please ask for help, when things get overwhelming in the kids department whether it’s a friend, family member or a professional – know you’re not alone.

Parents come to me for a variety of reasons, for example it could be

⭐️ My child hasn’t got any friends – is that my fault?

⭐️ My teen is cutting themselves – i’m so scared for them

⭐️ The kids speak to me like crap – I don’t know how to stop it!

⭐️ Why is my child more sensitive than their friends? – can I make them more resilient?

Lots of people find it difficult to ask for help but dropping me an email or giving me a call is a great example of doing just that.

You can contact me via email on ashley@theresilientkid.co.uk or visit our Free FB group @resilientkidgroup

Ashley is psychotherapist for over 20 years, mum of 2 fairly resilient kids. She along with her hubby, is building a house and has just spent a year in a caravan with all of the above and two cats (hence the fairly resilient kids!)